Here’s What’s Happening In Memphis This Weekend

Get ready for Gonerfest
New Music at Goner Records

The legend of Goner Records is one of those typical Memphis music success stories. It’s simple really. Goner started in 1993 by a guy who went to a rock show, fell in love with a Japanese noise rock band (Guitar Wolf), and ends up releasing their album (along with a handful more) on his new label. It happens all the time here. No big deal, right?

From those odd beginnings, Eric Friedl and Zac Ives have gone on to purchase a record store (the fact that a record store still exists in the digital age of music is a story in itself) and develop an annual rock festival, Gonerfest.

Gonerfest will be steaming into town for its 9th anniversary September 27-30. Some of the most kick-butt garage rock bands have performed at Gonerfest in the past – acts like The Reigning Sound (featuring Oblivians frontman, Greg Cartwright), Harlan T. Bobo, Jay Reatard and Nobunny.

This year’s lineup includes some killer acts as well. Pick your spot at the Hi-Tone Café to catch The Spits, Bad Sports and River City Tanlines. All-in-all, 30 bands over 4 days will fill Memphis with the widest array of music since, well…the last Gonerfest.

A golden pass ($60) will get you in to all events or spring for a single day ticket ($18, in advance) for shows at the Hi-Tone. Bring your ID because you have to be 18 and up.

For the complete Gonerfest 2012 lineup, go here or find a nearby Memphis hotel by searching our site.


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